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Karfreitag. Stalked by Being

Endlichkeit ohne Ende

Wir die um Unendlichkeit Betrogenen der Geschichte. Die noch sich sehnen, werden ersetzt werden durch jene, die nicht mehr sich sehnen. Wir sind doch die ewigen Gewinner. Wir werden lange leben.

Rod Drehers „Benedict Option“ als eine Art Therapieprogramm für die Entwurzelten der Gegenwart

„The long journey from a medieval world wracked with suffering but pregnant with meaning has delivered us to a place of once unimaginable comfort but emptied of significance and connection. […] There is no way through this except to push forward to the true dawn.“ „If a defining characteristic of the modern world is disorder, […]

Google findet den Tod


„One of the reasons why Michel Houellebecq may turn out to be the emblematic writer of our age is not just that he is a chronicler and exemplar of the fullest-blown nihilism, but because he has also forcefully and persuasively suggested what may come after it.“ (Douglas Murray: The Strange Death of Europe. Immigration, Identity, […]

Christopher Caldwell über „die Revolution in Europa“: Masseneinwanderung, Islam & die Zukunft Europas

„Western Europe became a multiethnic society in a fit of absence of mind. Mass immigration began — with little public debate, it would later be stressed — in the decade after the Second World War. […] From 1945 on, Europe was preoccupied with rebuilding what the war had destroyed — streets and railways, houses and […]

Der andere Obama

Look at me I am the Media NOW! — Malik Obama (@ObamaMalik) December 15, 2016 […] …and if you accept Pepe into your heart then you will truly be saved and can dwell in the house of Kek. — Malik Obama (@ObamaMalik) December 17, 2016