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Rod Drehers „Benedict Option“ als eine Art Therapieprogramm für die Entwurzelten der Gegenwart

„The long journey from a medieval world wracked with suffering but pregnant with meaning has delivered us to a place of once unimaginable comfort but emptied of significance and connection. […] There is no way through this except to push forward to the true dawn.“

„If a defining characteristic of the modern world is disorder, then the most fundamental act of resistance is to establish order.“

„This is how we must approach our jobs: as opportunities to glorify God.“

„If you are going to put down spiritual roots, taught Benedict, you need to stay in one place long enough for them to go deep.“

„If a community relaxes its discipline too much, it will dissolve. But if it is too rigid, it will make people crazy.“

„Benedict Option politics begin with recognition that Western society is post-Christian …“

„Liturgy restores the stability we’ve lost by cementing the story of the gospel in our bodies. As MacIntyre has said, if we want to know what to do, we must first determine the story to which we belong.“

„A church that looks and talks and sounds just like the world has no reason to exist.“

„Ideology is the enemy of joyful community life, and the most destructive ideology is the belief that creating utopia is possible.“

„In fact, Paul’s teachings on sexual purity and marriage were adopted as liberating in the pornographic, sexually exploitive Greco-Roman culture of the time — exploitive especially of slaves and women, whose value to pagan males lay chiefly in their ability to produce children and provide sexual pleasure. Christianity, as articulated by Paul, worked a cultural revolution, restraining and channeling male eros, elevating the status of both women and of the human body, and infusing marriage — and marital sexuality — with love.“

„Porn dehumanizes, and it destroys the image of God in the faces of its performers. […] It destroys the connection between sex and love.“

„The brain refashions itself to conform to the nonstop randomness of the Internet experience […]“

„Getting our hands dirty, so to speak, with gardening, cooking, sewing, exercise, and the like, is a crucial way of restoring our sense of connection with the real world. So is doing things face to face with other people.“

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